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Learn about the different types of cannabis concentrates.

Since the legalization of medical cannabis in many states, it is getting more and more popular across the United States. There is a wide variety of methods of using medical cannabis including smoking, edibles, and concentrates. These days, cannabis concentrates have gained a lot of fan following. Both medical and recreational cannabis users are now choosing concentrates more often than flowers or edibles. To use medical cannabis, you need an MMJ card that lasts for a year in most states. After that, you need to get an MMJ card renewal. Also Read – Applying For an MMJ Card? Experts Suggest You Learn These Facts First

Cannabis concentrates are usually more potent, thanks to the high levels of THC (about 50 to 90 percent). So, patients looking for more powerful medicine begin using concentrates. You can find these concentrates in various cannabis products, such as vaporizers and edibles. There are many types of concentrates that are present in different forms. If you are looking to dive into the world of cannabis concentrates, here are some of the most common types of cannabis concentrates that you can get. Learning about these types will help you understand concentrates better and choose the perfect concentrate for yourself. So, let’s get into it.


Shatter is known as one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrate. It got its name due to its consistency, which is similar to glass. It can easily shatter into small pieces when it breaks, and it has a clear or amber color. Some shatters also come with a fluid, soft consistency and may be a little sticky too. If you want a hard-hitting high, choosing a shatter is your best option.


Wax is much softer than shatter, but it also ranges in texture and has a non-transparent nature. You may find a wax that is like soft ice, one with a creamy texture, or like a sticky candle. You can clearly see the honey-like texture. Both shatter and wax are typically produced through the extraction process with a solvent. The difference in their texture takes place in the final stages of extraction.

You need a dabbing tool to handle some kinds of wax, as they can be extremely sticky. Also, you can easily smoke wax using a rig or vaporizer.


Budder is often known as badder wax because of its resemblance to wax. Budder comes with a creamy, butter-like texture that is much oilier, softer, and more viscous than most waxes you will find. If you are a beginner and thinking of trying to concentrate this Thanksgiving, I suggest going for a budder. It is easy to use, and the high production is also more forgiving than shatter.

Live Resin

Live resin is made through a new method of extraction and involves using a fresh frozen material of the plant. The process allows live resin to have a richer terpenes profile, which is close to the profile the live plant may exhibit.  The richer terpenes profile makes it a great choice for both recreational and medical users. You get various health benefits with this concentrate. Also, live resin comes with an outstanding taste and smell, thanks to the higher concentration of terpenes. You can find live resin in a variety of colors ranging from yellow gold to light amber.


Kief is the simplest type of cannabis concentrate and can be made easily when compared to other concentrates. You can make kief by simply rubbing a cannabis flower against a filtering screen. The special filtering screen agitates and isolates the trichomes of the cannabis plant. Now, kief is the collection of these trichomes after they are separated from the cannabis flower. You can also find grinders that come with a kief catcher, which allows you to catch these loosened trichomes.

Bubble Hash

This concentrate is also known as ice water hash because it is made by using ice, water, and bubble bags (micron bags). The bags are used to filter the waste and material from the plant. The ice water helps freeze the trichome glands of the plant, making it easier to snap them off.

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